Update on the ever changing position

regarding opening of Churches and Public Worship

as at Tuesday 5th January 2021

  • Church Buildings will be open at published times for Private Prayer (see individual pages for each Church in the Benefice)

  • We will be publishing online services, go to:



  • Due to the increased incidence of the more infectious variant of the virus in our wider area, the decision has been taken to cancel public worship for the duration of lockdown.  We are not alone in taking this action, each Benefice in our Deanery has taken the same decision, as have many others in the Diocese.  

    Although our protocols are good; with wearing of masks, distancing and cleaning, the health and welfare of our congregations and ministry team are paramount.  

    We aim to not only to keep our audio service going on the website, but we will also try to hold a small closed communion service, which we will video and put up on our YouTube channel - hopefully by late morning each Sunday.  The video service will be available on our YouTube channel “Two Rivers Benefice Suffolk”.

     We also broadcast Morning Prayer each weekday morning, via the Two Rivers Rectory Facebook page.

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