Update on the ever changing position

regarding opening of Churches and Public Worship


  as of Wednesday 28th July 2021

  • Our churches are reviewing the times when they will be open for Private Prayer and the details can be found on their individual pages on this web site.

  • All legal restrictions on Public Worship have been lifted, but the following arrangements are being put in place to protect our congregations and help those that are still cautious about returning to Church.


  • Restricted section in each church where possible, where social distancing and masks are mandatory 

  • Churches will continue to use every other pew at present

Wearing of Masks

  • The general wearing of masks will be encouraged


  • Continue with plate only at the back of the church to continue minimal cash handling.


Singing  Hymns

  • those who are not comfortable about others singing, need to sit towards the back of the church.


The Peace

  • Should be simply shared with those in your immediate vicinity, but be very aware that not everybody will feel comfortable with it.



  • We will still continue with our covid safe hygiene routines during the preparation of the table and the prayer of consecration

  • The president will ensure that all clergy have a negative lateral flow test taken that morning.

  • Wafers will be kept covered until they are administered.

  • Hand sanitizer will be used before, during and after the consecration and administration of communion.

  • During the administration of communion, masks will be worn by ministers.  (to be reviewed)



  • Communion in one kind will continue for the time being

The above arrangements will continue to be kept under review


  • We will continue with online recorded services, and videoing special services where needed.   

  • Services where there is no singing will be marked as "said service" on the Service Page