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Our Curate

Duncan Myatt

Born and brought up in Kent, I started attending Church in my early teens and my faith has developed from there.

My wife and I moved to South Wales shortly after our marriage, and it was in the beautiful Wye Valley that we brought up our family.  We "retired" to East Anglia in 2006, where sadly my wife died from cancer in 2017.  My connection with the Two Rivers Benefice, and Woolverstone Church in particular, stems from around that time when I sought and achieved spiritual comfort and peace.

Having rapidly become a Church Warden and then Lay Elder serving the whole Benefice, I was recommended for Ordination under the Auxiliary Ordination Pathway.  I was Ordained Deacon on the 3rd July 2021, and as Priest on 2nd July 2022 at St Edmundsbury Cathedral and I am now serving as Curate here in the Two Rivers Benefice.

As a Curate, I am in a training post, under the very able supervision of Jenny our Rector.  Once my training is over (this could take three or four years) my intention is that I will continue to serve in this Benefice.

I am also classed as a Self Supporting Minister (SSM) which means that I am unpaid, and receive no accommodation or other benefits from the Church, other than basic expenses from the Benefice.

I look forward to serving the parishes of Holbrook, Stutton, Freston, Woolverstone and Wherstead and meeting many of you living in this beautiful part of Suffolk.

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