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During the Covid10/Coronavirus lock-down, it is becoming increasingly difficult for those who are bereaved to find support, with growing social isolation and possible break down in normal support mechanisms.

We are not only dealing with the ‘normal’ deaths, but a rising number of people are dealing with Covid19 deaths in the family.  With people suffering greater isolation from their normal support networks this is causing a number of hidden issues.

Many of these issues will be picked up by the volunteers in the parish help groups.

Normally as a church this would be picked up as the funerals are booked, or be dealt with by families, or support groups such as Comfort Corner (Holbrook and Stutton).


The Ministry Team for the Two Rivers Benefice, plus other willing or experienced volunteers are more than happy to act as a bereavement support network – Reverend Jenny Seggar will act as the central contact point (as a co-ordinator for Holbrook Helpers), and will allocate telephone supporters according to need.  This can be for a one off chat, or for long term support.  Most of our volunteer can support over the phone, Skype or Zoom.

After the crisis has been lifted this support can continue if needed and can revert to face to face visits, or feed in to one of the existing support groups as necessary.

We do have professional counselling help available if our volunteer feel that something a little more structured or professional is required.



Revd Jenny Seggar     Tel: 01473 327951

                                    Mobile:  07733 195866


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