Message from the Rector

Dear Friends,


As the nights are drawing in and temperatures are getting colder, our minds are turning towards paying the bills this winter which, for most of us, is not going to be easy. 


All of our churches are working with Parish Councils and local charities to produce interesting and creative ways in which we can help: from warm spaces to access to food.  We hope to be able to advertise these locally and signpost you to places which will help.  Often, it is a matter of talking to the right person at the right time.


In the meantime, there are three important things you can do to help:


1.  Pray for those in need, for those giving help and for the government.

2. If you can, buy something extra each time you shop for the food banks.

3. If you can, give a little financially to the charities who specifically help those in need in our community.


Keep warm.  Keep safe.


With blessings and prayers,


Revd Jenny


Rev'd Jenny Seggar

The Rectory

15 Denmark Gardens



01473 327951

07733 195866