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Message from the Rector

Dear Friends,


March sees us well and truly journeying through Lent – Lent is a time of reflection where we traditionally look at our faith and concentrate on our spiritual journey.  It is a time when we can give something up or take something new on.  This year it seems right to look outwards at our communities and at the wider communities of which we are all a part.


At the time of writing, we are all looking on at the continuing conflict in the Ukraine, and the natural disasters which have so badly affected Turkey and Syria.  We are starting to receive requests for the disaster funds – these things make us feel helpless, as does the plight of those in need in our own communities.  All we can do is give what we can, and pray for those affected.


The bishops have advised church members to give to Christian Aid; who are actively involved in both Turkey and Syria.  More locally, we are still encouraging folk to give to the local food banks – just a few items on top of your usual shop will make a huge difference to families in our communities.  In Holbrook, we now have a Parish Pantry active in the church.  This is available when the church is open.  We would appreciate donations of tinned or dried food with a long use by date.  And, if you can, please include toiletries and feminine hygiene products as well.  We already have a system of small free pantries in Holbrook which carry emergency basics.  This Parish Pantry is designed to provide enough for a meal for 2 or 4 people: basic but filling.  Remember we can also refer to the main food banks too.


With blessings,


Rev’d Jenny

Rev'd Jenny Seggar

The Rectory

15 Denmark Gardens



01473 327951

07733 195866

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